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Iraqi Children's Art Exchange on Annet's Voices of Baghdad


NEW!!!Hidden theatre's workshop

Theatre reportage: theatre for human rights 

Annet Henneman of Teatro di Nascosto - Hidden Theatre (Volterra, Italy)


PERFORMANCE: Thursday 3rd May, 8pm, Okinaga Rm, Wadham

WORKSHOP: Friday 4th May, 2-5pm, Moser Theatre, Wadham


There are boatfuls of people arriving into Italy, asking for asylum; there is a woman who has just been arrested a second time for her participation in the silent demonstration in Tehran in 2009; there are 250 people who have just been killed in explosions in Kirkuk, Baghdad, Karbala; there is silence in Sulaymaniyah because every outspoken journalist is in prison.


But these words can mean nothing.


Theatre reportage puts eyes, faces, bodies before the audience, because these are real stories.


Annet Henneman travels to and from Baghdad, hosted by and working with the women of Al Amal, passing through endless checkpoints to rehearse with the young actors in a city full of bombs; to Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah to interview the threatened employees of an independent television station, take part in the joyful demonstrations of the Kurdish New Year.


She has just returned from Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan, stories from which will be included in her performance of Don’t Forget Us.



8pm, Okinaga Room, Wadham College


Songs from Baghdad, Kurdistan, Palestine, Iran and South America, each accompanied by true stories and photographs, including those from her latest trip to Iraqi Kurdistan and Baghdad in February/March 2012. Annet Henneman continues to use the stage to tell what is not being told.


Performance followed by Q&A with Annet Henneman


Tickets and booking: Please contact Arabella Lawson: arabella.lawson@gmail.com 


Organised through Student Amnesty


Friday 4th May - WORKSHOP

2-5pm, Moser Theatre, Wadham College


Workshops in theatre reportage with Annet Henneman (actress, director of Teatro di Nascosto)


Using verbatim and physical theatre techniques, with influences of Grotowski’s Theatre of Sources, theatre reportage is devised from interviews, personal testimony and improvisation.


These workshops offer an introduction to this use and practice of story-telling theatre.



Interview with Annet Henneman on theatre reportage and the role that art can (or cannot) play in the defence of human rights, Berlin, February 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euX3goOLnhE

Hosted by OUDS

Registration necessary. For further details, please contact Arabella Lawson: arabella.lawson@gmail.com


With thanks to: Student Amnesty, the RicNic Trust, Jenny Lewis (poet, writer, author of After Gilgamesh), Pegasus Theatre and OUDS

Also to: Emma Plews, Sarah Pine, Dave Ralf, Sarah Perry, Stephen Poole and Chloe Orrock

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Program for England 2012

International Group of Teatro di Nascosto - Hidden Theatre 
5-10th May, 4-8th of June: Rehearsals for performance for Ramallah Festival in July

Performance: "Don't forget us..."
Okinaga Rm, Wadham College, organised by Student Amnesty Thursday 3rd of May, 8pm
Workshop of theatre reportage: Wadham college, Oxford University Friday 4th May, 2-5pm

Theatre Reportage Workshops for Actors & Refugees
with Annet Henneman
Glasgow Theatre and Arts Collective &Theatre Found - Professional Development
18-22nd of June 2012, 10-6pm
Information:       http://opportunities.creativescotland.com/view.aspx?id=b391c850-f162-418d-8705-25dd3e0141e9

Performance "Don’t forget us
Tron Theatre for Refugee Week Glasgow 20th of June 7.30 pm                   

Performance "Don’t forget us...", followed by devised performance produced during workshops with actors/ refugees 23rd of June, 7:30pm

new material:

Interviste - Interviews con/with Annet Henneman

In Italiano  Rai News 24
sul Kurdistan iracheno e Iraq     www.youtube.com/watch?v=V98cmuEqwqU       
In English  TamilNetCom about theatre reportage/art for oppressed people, people who live war  

Articles in Arabic:
   www.adabfan.com/theater/9396.html      http://du108w.dub108.mail.live.com/default.aspx

Don't forget us FIRENZE

Firenze, domenica 15 aprile: Sottoteatro, Centro Sociale il Pozzo ore 21.00

Don't forget us... Non dimenticateci...

di e con Annet Henneman

Entrata libera


Dopo Londra, Germania, Kurdistan iracheno, Olanda un altra volta in Italia, canti di 14 anni di teatro reportage dal Kurdistan, Baghdad, Iran, Palestina... introdotti con foto e storie vere, anche dell'ultimo viaggio in Kurdistan iracheno e Baghdad.

Dalle ore 19.30 un buffet per incontrare, per raccolta fondi per Sottoteatro


Via Lombardia 1/P Firenze    Informazioni: Fabrizio Martini: 055373737 




Florence, 15th of April: Sottoteatro, Centro Sociale il Pozzo ore 21.00

Don't forget us... Non dimenticateci...

di e con Annet Henneman

Free entrance

After London, Germany, Iraqi Kurdistan, Holland back in Italy, songs of 14 years of theatre reportage from Kurdistan, Baghdad, Iran, Palestine, introduced with photo and true stories, also from the last trip in Iraqi Kurdistan and Baghdad.

Up from 19.30 there will be a buffet to meet…


Don't Forget Us BERLIN

Theatre for peace and the promotion of human rights:



Don't Forget Us



Theatre reportage by Annet Henneman.


Songs accompanied by the true stories and photos of the people to whom they belong.

From Baghdad, Kurdistan, Palestine, Iran and South America.


For fourteen years Annet Henneman, founder, director and actress of Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theatre (Volterra, Italy), has been making theatre reportage to tell stories of people without voice.


From living and working with refugees and asylum-seekers; travelling to Iran, Kurdistan, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq to live beside and hear the stories of people having to survive the day to day consequences of war, oppression and poverty, there comes again and again the request: “Don’t forget us”.


Performance followed by Q&A and an exchange of stories to which all are invited to contribute.


Songs in the original language, stories and Q&A in German/English


Friday 10th Feb 2012
18:00 - 19:30

Tamilisches Tanz- und Kunstforum e.V.
Bundesallee 160,
10715 Berlin
Supported by the International Human Rights Organisation Bremen e.V

NEW!!! Annet Henneman. Teatro di Nascosto Documentary. Film and directed by Mohammed Mustafa